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Minx Nail Salon in NYC
Minx nails are an excellent alternative to long lasting nails that will withstand the everyday tasks while making your hands look beautiful. Our minx nail services in NYC are perfect for those who want highly customized nail art to stand apart from the crowd in today’s world. We use a natural non-toxic flexible polymer so that our minx nails that will remain the color you choose and never peel, fade, chip, or crack. Minx nail treatment and services are safe for everyone including women who are pregnant as well as women who sufferer form allergies. We are currently one of the only Minx Nails New York City providers.

Minx Nail Salon in NYC

Minx Nail process:
“The MINX process is really quick, but a basic manicure is done first to ensure that the nail bed is smooth. Individual films are matched to each finger, then heated using a special salon lamp and melted onto the nail. To eliminate the appearance of bubbles, pressure is applied to the top of the appliqué and stretched out towards the tip. Technicians use a special glass file to flatten the decal down so that it doesn't rip.”

  We provide these Minx Nails Services:

  • Minx Nails Overlay
  • Minx Nail Tips
  • Minx Manicures
  • Minx Pedicures
  • Minx Nail Buffing
  • Minx Nail Polishing and Polish
  • Minx Nails Removal
  • Custom Minx Nails



We have minx nails in many styles that will match all fingernail shapes and sizes. Our nail salon offers many varieties of minx nails and price ranges to fit anyone budget. Please call our minx nail salon in New York City for more information on how we can make your fingernail's much stronger and beautiful for a long period of time!


Why choose Minx Nails?
Minx nails are a new nail polish alternative that heat bonds a thin film of color to your nails. Minx nails come in reds, pinks and mauves, but you can also get them in custom nail art designs where the nail is coated in all kinds of patterns including gold nails, chrome nails, silver nails and flower patterns.

• Chemical-Less: Minx nails are great because they don’t required any additional chemicals being on your nails that might erode their strength over time.

• Minx Nail art is ultimately endless in terms of possibilities. Anything you can dream of having on your nails is completely possible with how minx nails are created and applied to your nail tips.

• There’s no waiting for Minx Nails to dry. They take longer to apply than nail polish, though, about 15 to 20 minutes.

• The coatings never chip, so there’s no need to replace them until your nails grow out enough that it’s noticeable.

Day of Beauty Package Available ($125)
Specializing in Manicure and Pedicure Services
Are you ready for some royal treatment? Let FiFi Nail Salon treat you right! Our salon offers professional manicures and pedicures for enhancing your beauty to the New York, Manhattan area. Visit us for gels, minxs and silk nails. Not only do we offer a variety of artificial nail services, but we also specialize in the manicuring of natural nails. In addition, we offer mobile massage and waxing services for anyone, including and best for pregnant woman at home or the hospital. 

Come to us for wonderful pedicures and let us chase away your stress and help you relax! Massage and waxing services are also available. Walk-ins are welcome, or call for your appointment. You will appreciate our quality service and our discounted prices.


Minx Nail Salon in NYC
Pedicure/Manicure Massage Special
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Fifi Nail Salon
200 Central Park South, Suite 210
(corner of 59th St. and 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 581-6430

Hours of Operation
9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

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